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 Apple Power Mac G5 video benchmark

"The performance of the G5 represents a profound improvement over its predecessors. As I use various applications on the G5, it has a snappy feel to it that's lacking in the G4. It feels much faster, and its benchmarks show that's not just a perception but a reality (see benchmark table below). In our After Effects benchmarks, the G5 was nearly twice as fast as the fastest currently available Mac G4, soundly whipping it in every test. However, there was only one benchmark, Brian Maffitt's TotalBenchmark comp 1, where the Power Mac G5 beat the fastest PCs we've tested here, which was a disappointment given all the claims that Apple has submitted over the past year about the G5's superiority over any PC. Maybe it is superior using Apple's benchmarks, but in the real world, using actual projects in After Effects and the Maxon Cinema 4D-based Cinebench benchmarks, PCs with Opteron and Xeon chips still rule the speed derby. Even so, the G5 can hold its own against any PC now, unlike its G4 ancestors which lagged far behind PC performance."

 (Submitted by Noel Mon May 24, 2004 )


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