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 Implementing Linux emulation on NetBSD

"NetBSD's Linux emulation doesn't run a Linux kernel on a virtual machine; it runs Linux binaries on a NetBSD kernel. Linux emulation let you run plenty of useful programs that won't run natively under NetBSD, such as Sun's 1.4 Java Runtime Environment and JDK. Setting up Linux emulation requires a kernel option (COMPAT_LINUX) in the NetBSD kernel, and some local files. The kernel option is specified in the default GENERIC configuration; if you aren't using that, just make sure you have a line reading "options COMPAT_LINUX" in your kernel configuration file. As for the Linux programs, most are dynamically linked and thus need copies of Linux shared libraries, which are installed under /emul/linux."

 (Submitted by Noel Sun May 16, 2004 )


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