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 Interview with the author of Juk, Scott Wheeler

"There a quite a lot of media players available for KDE. What have been the reasons for you to develop another one? What makes JuK different in comparison with other players?
Well, at the time that I started on QTagger and began its slow progression towards JuK there weren't a lot of players for KDE. I started on QTagger within a couple of months of Charles starting on Noatun -- Noatun eventually added tagging; JuK eventually added playing. That was about it at that time. Most of the newer stuff has come around since then. But it's actually a good problem to have -- I'm just excited that there's a renewed interest for in KDE's multimedia and that we have so many new folks coming into the KDE multimedia community."


 (Submitted by Noel Sat May 15, 2004 )


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