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 Trying on a New Hat

"Once I logged in, I also noticed all the care and attention that has gone into the updated Bluecurve theme that is the standard look-and-feel on Fedora. The environment's icons and fonts are beautiful, much more attractive than Mandrake's. Fedora's default Gnome setup is more Windows-like than the standard Gnome defaults; but there's no mistaking Gnome 2.6, with its extremely speedy file manager, Nautilus, and its simplified Control Panel-like tools. It's too bad Fedora's default Start menu is so poorly organized and packed to the gills with stuff most users don't need, however. There's a hex editor and a "TNEF File Viewer," for example. (What the heck is a TNEF file?)"

 (Submitted by Noel Tue May 4, 2004 )


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