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 TheMacMind Hard Drive Challenge

"For scoring, I used Initechís SpeedTools Utility, running the drives through an array of read/write tests, with varying file sizes from 1-100,000 Kb. Iíve also tested the drives for real world speeds, the first of which involved reading/writing a 450 mb .avi file, and the second for which I recorded how many GB of MP3s could be copied to the respective drives in 5 minutes. For FireWire 400 tests, which involved all 4 drives, the test machine was a PowerBook G4 867 mHz with 640 MB of RAM. For the faster FireWire 800 tests, a 1 gHz Xserve with 1 GB of RAM was used. "

 (Submitted by Noel Sun Mar 21, 2004 )


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