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 Creating a CVS server using FreeBSD

Mind Warp tells us how to set up a CVS server using FreeBSD. "CVS stands for Concurrent Versions System. You can check out the official homepage at cvshome.org. Basically what it comes down to is tons of projects, open source, free software, and commercial use CVS to manage their code. It lets you go back to previous versions (lets say I decide to rewrite a vital function and it no longer works, CVS lets me go back to the previous version). It also lets you collaborate with other people much easier, so that if both me and someone else are working on test.c, it will tell us that when we put the files back into the repository that it has been updated since we took it out, and let us merge them together intelligently."

 (Submitted by Noel Tue Mar 2, 2004 )


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