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 Making the ViewSonic Tablet PC Run Linux

Linux Journal tells us how to install Linux on a ViewSonic Tablet PC.

"The system itself is a ViewSonic ViewPad 1000 (Figure 1). It has 256MB of RAM, a 20GB hard drive, a wireless infrared keyboard with integrated pointing device and a touchscreen. The built-in video is an SiS630 chipset video device, which can support the screen at 800x600 resolution and 16-bit color depth. For networking, it has an SiS900 10/100 wired Ethernet port and a Harris Prism Wavelan chipset 802.11 Ethernet radio. We are able to expand the system by way of two USB connectors, a PCMCIA slot and a single serial port."

 (Submitted by Noel Fri Feb 20, 2004 )


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