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 Blue Linux!! The Truth

Helfrez Gama has written up a short but informative post "To put to rest all the rumbling and rumours of whether or not their is an internal version of Linux being used and developed at IBM."

 (Submitted by Helfrez Gama Wed Feb 11, 2004 )

  Yes it does exist, and has existed for quite some time.
Yes it is based on code from another popular distribution in the wild.
I have it and have used the last 3 releases. Latest release is still in beta but they basically have taken the "unnamed distro" and layered on IBM software and customizations.
Latest version is beautiful, and lightyears ahead of the last release that is about 1yr old by now.
Customizations such as on first-time boot, it will detect your windows partitions, search out you Bookmarks, My Documents, and Lotus Notes ids and migrate them over to your linux install.
very slick...new customized splash screens desktops, openoffice templates, etc.
and yes i said Lotus Notes 6.5 running under linux with a customized version of wine. (based on opensource code from codeweavers i believe)..
Just taking a sec to put rumours to rest, no screenshots, as its an internal product under development and we all tend to like to keep out little secrets to ourselves. Sorry.
But yes Blue Linux is alive and well.

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