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 Getting to Know Gnome

Acts of Volition takes a look at the Gnome desktop environment and compares it to Mac OSX and Windows XP.

"The single greatest weakness I see in using Linux as a desktop is difficult to articulate: the “feel” of the graphics just isn’t there yet. This includes the smoothness and speed with which menus open, windows are moved, etc. Don’t get me wrong, Gnome is easily on par with Windows XP as far as graphics and visual on my laptop (a relatively new P4/2Ghz/1GB-RAM). It’s Mac OS X that has taken a leap forward in this area. The PDF and OpenGL based graphics rendering in Mac OS X gives an overall feel of speed, powerful, and stability that makes Windows and Linux feel like they’re made of paper mache in comparison."

 (Submitted by Noel Wed Feb 11, 2004 )


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