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 Mandrake Linux Shows Profit

GaŽl Duval and Mike Angelo discuss the Mandrake finances good news. MozillaQuest Magazine (mozillaquest.com) reports: For the first time in five years MandrakeSoft, producer of the very popular Mandrake Linux distribution, has shown a profit. It now appears that MandrakeSoft will be out of its bankruptcy in March 2004. GaŽl Duval and the entire Mandrake Linux crew deserve lots of credit! Mandrake Linux ran into some financial problems and had to seek bankruptcy protection. The Mandrake folks rolled-up their sleeves, and set about to keep Mandrake alive and financially well. And they have done it. Not surprisingly the Mandrake crew got lots of help from the GNU-Linux community too. Congratulations to all the Mandrake people and the members of the Linux community that helped to keep Mandrake alive, and to make it financially well again.

 (Submitted by Anonymous Sun Jan 25, 2004 )


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