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 Three Months with Slackware Linux 9.1

OSNews features a long term usage report on Slackware Linux 9.1. The article discusses how Slackware works well with very few problems while there are ten screenshots included.

"By now you probably have noticed that my two Slackware articles I have ever written (this one and my Sept. review) are pretty "short" for my standards. This is because there is nothing either glorious or problematic to report. It just works. It is a distro which doesn't have to "pretend" about anything. It is what it is and does nothing more or less than it markets: a Linux distro based on the BSD layout which makes a good small/medium business server and if you are a more-than-average user should also make a good desktop too. It promises nothing more and it succeeds to this goal as it doesn't have many of the annoyances found elsewhere."

 (Submitted by Anonymous Fri Dec 5, 2003 )


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