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 Crossover Office 2.1

Jeremy White and Mike Angelo discuss Crossover Office, Wine, and MS-Windows APIs for Linux in this penetrating MozillaQuest Magazine (mozillaquest.com) article. Crossover Office and Wine let you run software designed for the MS-Windows operating system on the GNU-Linux OS by providing Windows APIs for the GNU-Linux OS. Crossover Office and Wine are very efficient and cost-effective because they implement MS-Windows APIs within the GNU-Linux OS. Thus, Crossover Office and Wine use little system resources themselves and you do not need to install MS-Windows on your Linux-based system -- that means you do not need to purchase a license or serial number from Microsoft to run Windows-based applications in Linux. If you want to use MS-Windows compatible software on a GNU-Linux OS, give Crossover Office a try.

 (Submitted by Anonymous Thu Nov 13, 2003 )


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