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 Torvalds: Test Kernel Crucial in the Enterprise

Torvalds: Test kernel crucial for proactive enterprises In this interview, Linus Torvalds talks up the test version of the 2.6 Linux kernel released last weekend. He also hints at when a stable, production 2.6.0 might be released.

"What I'm really hoping for is that enterprise users who know that they will eventually switch over to 2.6 will just decide to do internal pilot projects in-house. They have the incentive to do that anyway, but, at the same time, these are also usually the same people who do not want to just test any random development kernel. This is what the test-series is all about, especially the current crop: letting people like that know that [this is] no longer any random kernel. "

 (Submitted by Jan Stafford Thu Oct 30, 2003 )


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