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 SCO: No Choice But to Go After Linux

In this interview, SCO Group executive Chris Sontag touches all the bases regarding his company's battle against IBM and Linux.
The interview

"What's your response to Red Hat's claim that SCO will drag the suit out in order to run up the price of SCO's stock and that SCO and its holding company -- The Canopy Group -- are using SCO's 'wrongfully inflated stock price' to transfer huge sums of money to Canopy? Sontag: SCO has done nothing to drag out its suit with IBM. The courts determine when a case will come to trial and the judge in this case set the trial date for April 11, 2005. The timing of court cases doesn't determine a company's stock valuation. Investors determine how attractive a stock is and how much they will pay for that stock."

 (Submitted by Jan Stafford Thu Oct 9, 2003 )


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