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 Seth Nickell and init

Init process, antiquated or roadblock to revolution? Ithaycu gives us their opinion on the subject.

 (Submitted by Ithaycu Fri Oct 3, 2003 )

  While Seth Nickell certainly has the right to create I believe there are many GNU/Linux devotees that will not agree with his first assumption, that init is an outdated, cumbersome, and esoteric. I for one do not agree with this assumption. Granted I have been using GNU/Linux, Solaris, and AIX for 7 years. When I started of course everything seemed cumbersome and esoteric. Granted I am not a programmer and, therefore I do not have experience with the concerns of the programming community, however from a systems, network administation point of view I do have experience and can say unequivocally the init process is flexible, powerful and NOT in need of replacement.

It is my contention that efforts revolving around integration of distro's is an effort at competing directly with the Microsoft user base. The only way that will happen is in making GNU/Linux as close to the windows enviroment as possible. It is unfortunate, but true that most people have no idea how computers function and could'nt care on bit less. They only care about ease of use and cost.,

In the past 10 minutes I have assisted someone here (University) with the use of solaris and one thing is clear, the environment in a unix and unix-like system are completely foreign to the majority of the Microsoft user base. Things like command line processing, process control, etc... are foreign and uncomfortable for Windows users, however I for one; and not the only one, enjoy the power I govern on a unix system.

Lastly, I remind the readers that unix and it's derivatives have been in exsistence since 1973 so we are talking about a well established code base that has shown continous improvement over the past thirty years.

Cheers, Ithaycu

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