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 Tom Carey and Mike Angelo Discuss SCO

Whether your interest is GNU/Linux, Unix, SCO-Caldera, IBM, BSD, law, or whatever, this information-packed MozillaQuest Magazine (mozillaquest.com) interview with IP attorney Tom Carey provides some unique and well-thought insights and perspectives to the SCO-Caldera intellectual property issues and the SCO v IBM lawsuit. Tom Carey's position is that IBM was free to contribute the JFS, NUMA, and RCU code to the Linux kernel developers because IBM-developed and Sequent-developed extensions to Unix are not derivative works. Tom Carey and Mike Angelo dig their ways through a pile of confusing, convoluted documents and agreements to figure out who owns what Unix code and how that impacts on the SCO v IBM lawsuit and possible Linux end-user copyright infringement liability. Tom Carey notes that SCO admitting that IBM owns the copyrights in JFS, RCU, NUMA, etc. weakens SCO's copyright position, substantially. In the turnabout is fair play department, Carey mentions that IBM's patents trump SCO's copyrights and SCO might have a hard time selling UNIX without a license from IBM.

 (Submitted by Anonymous Fri Aug 8, 2003 )


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