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 SCO Trying to Dictate Linux Kernel

n an in-depth analysis MozillaQuest Magazine (mozillaquest.com) reports: SCO raises two issues: (1) whose responsibility is it to police the Linux kernel, GNU/Linux operating system, and Linux distribution code to insure that unlicensed SCO-owned Unix code does not get into Linux and (2) what steps do the Linux kernel, GNU/Linux OS, and Linux distribution developers take to insure their code is clean? MozillaQuest Magazine's Mike Angelo discusses these issues with kernel.org's Richard Gooch, GNU's Richard Stallman, Conectiva's Gordon Ho, Mandrake's Gaėl Duval, and SuSE's Joeseph Eckert. The bottom line is that SCO is wrong again. The Linux community does have clean-code safeguards in place. SCO-Caldera has yet to show any SCO-owned Unix code anywhere in Linux. Until such time as Darl McBride and SCO-Caldera do list publicly the SCO-owned code it claims is in Linux, Darl McBride's and SCO-Caldera's claims that there is SCO-owned Unix code in Linux ought to be ignored and dismissed as FUD.

 (Submitted by Anonymous Fri May 30, 2003 )


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