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 Mandrake Linux Corporate Server 2.1 for AMD

Mandrake's GaŽl Duval and MozillaQuest.Com's Mike Angelo discuss the new AMD64 OS. MozillaQuest Magazine (mozillaquest.com) reports: "There does not seem to be much difference between the Mandrake Linux Corporate Server 2.1 released in February 2003 and its new AMD Opteron offering -- other than it is optimized to run on AMD 64-bit Opteron based machines . . . Linux Corporate Server 2.1 for AMD Opteron 'allows users to run both 32- [sic] and 64-bit Linux applications' . . . . 'The Mandrake Corporate Server 2.1 for Opteron is really the x86 version ported to the Opteron. It offers a long product life and a big stability for deployment inside corporations, and at the same time it benefits from the additional power of the Opteron' . . . 'the new Corporate Server offers all the tools needed to create a full-featured [sic] enterprise network, complete with the latest up-to-date software and security updates.'"

Check MozillaQuest.com for the full story and links!

 (Submitted by Anonymous Thu Apr 24, 2003 )


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