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 Porting The PF Stateful Packet Filter

The upcoming release of OpenBSD 3.3 on May 1'st will include, among many other improvements, a notably enhanced version of PF, OpenBSD's stateful packet filter. Some of the more significant enhancements to PF include: 'queues', allowing for per-rule bandwidth control; 'pool options', allowing one to utilize multiple uplinks and to intelligently redirect traffic to multiple servers; 'anchors', which allow one to divide packet filtering rule lists into logical pieces; 'tables', efficiently allowing for very large lists; and other parser improvements that make an already friendly syntax more human readable.
I approached Pyun to learn more about his recent porting efforts. In the following article he explains why he began working on this port, and what FreeBSD users can expect from the project. Additionally, I spoke with PF creator Daniel Hartmeier, PF developer Henning Brauer, and OpenBSD creator Theo de Raadt. They all reflect on these recent porting efforts, as well as the exciting new features found in OpenBSD's PF. Read the full article at KernelTrap.

 (Submitted by Anonymous Fri Apr 11, 2003 )


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