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 Linux Gurus Tallk about SCO and IBM

Call it a Linux-community SCO roast if you like. MozillaQuest Magazine's mozillaquest.com) Mike Angelo discusse SCO's Linux-bashing claims in its Caldera vs. IBM lawsuit with Linux kernel gurus Alan Cox, Richard Gooch, and David Weinehall -- and do the gurus let SCO have it! They completely trash SCO's claims that Linux is based on SCO Unix code. They demolish SCO's claims that without IBM's allegedly illegal help, Linux would be a mere toy OS -- a bicycle compared to SCO's luxury-car Unix.

The Conclusion challenges SCO to prove its claims: "Do you, Darl McBride, have articulable proof that Caldera-owned proprietary knowledges, skills, and methodologies were used in Linux kernel and/or GNU/Linux operating system development? . . . So far Darl McBride, you have failed to offer any proof of your naked claims! Please, Darl McBride, show us your proof so that we all can see it."

 (Submitted by Anonymous Thu Mar 20, 2003 )


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