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 Why Linux Binaries are not as Easy to Handle?

Have you ever wondered why, in other Operating Systems such as Windows, MacOS or even BeOS, the task of installing software is so easy compared to Linux? In such OSes you can simply download a .ZIP/.RAR/.EXE/.etc file, decompress in a folder and run either the contents, or a graphical installer which will help you through the install process. This doesnt happen in Linux, as there are only two standard ways to install software: compiling and installing packages. Such methods are usually complicated and inconsistent between them, not to mention difficult for new users. Even if package management was greatly simplified in the most popular Linux distributions, developers still can't proovide packages for all existing distros, or even for all compiler versions. Read the article and suggested solution to the problem, at OSNews.

 (Submitted by Anonymous Fri Dec 20, 2002 )


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