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 Sun, Linux and the Corporate Desktop

We all know that Sun is embracing Linux and announced a desktop-oriented product based on Linux, but it is little known that this will just be a licensed Red Hat 8 copy. In fact, Sun won't get involved in the Linux kernel and other OSS developments (while the other big UNIX vendors HP, SGI and IBM do), neither it will share Solaris code as it was rumored a few months ago. Instead, Sun will try to sell low cost PCs with Red Hat in it, on their existing big contractor customers and big Sun machines on the backend will be serving these PCs. While it will be great having Linux on the corporate desktop via Sun's customers, I can't help feeling sad with the way Sun is using Linux to strengthen their position in the market, without really getting involved in the development process.

 (Submitted by KernelDev Wed Nov 20, 2002 )


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