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 Giving Spammers a Dose of Their Own Medicine?

A lot of effort has been put in to various methods of filtering, blocking, and other stopping spam, but what about giving spammers a dose of their own medicine? Spam-X is a free Perl script, intended for use in the cgi-bin directory of a UNIX-based web server. Spam-X is a very unique and effective proactive approach to spammers.

 (Submitted by Nathan W. Lindstrom Tue Nov 12, 2002 )

  Not only does Spam-X act as a spambot tarpit, by trapping a spambot in to requesting page after page of random, fake e-mail addresses, it also acts as though it were on a very slow link, by taking a full minute to send each page of sixty random mailto: links. It outputs extremely minimal HTML in an effort to minimize its bandwidth impact, while at the same time allowing you to flood a visiting spambot's database with thousands of worthless e-mail addresses while consuming a great deal of the spambot's time. Placing a small or hidden link to the Spam-X script above any valid mailto: links on your site will hopefully trap the visiting spambot, and deprive it of actually harvesting your valid e-mail addresses.

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