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 Full Load and Overload

Tom's Hardware takes a look at 21 Power Supplies.

"These issues of "stability" can cost hours of use time while the system is continued to be tinkered with in vain in an effort to resolve the issue. When this occurs, ambitious users are inclined to search for the cause in the processor settings, system memory or on the motherboard, since the Front Side Bus, CPU core voltage and GPU of the graphics card are often pushed to the limit to achieve maximum performance. This results in the user resetting all of the system parameters to default values - but to no avail. The computer continues to crash, eventually so frequently that it is no longer possible to continue using it. One possible cause of unreliability that is often overlooked by users is the power supply that is installed in their computer."

 (Submitted by Noel Tue Oct 22, 2002 )


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