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 Athlon XP 2800+ with 333 MHz FSB and nForce 2

Today AMD introduces the Athlon XP 2800+ and 2700+, running at 2.25 GHz and 2.16 GHz, respectively. The new chips make use of a 333 MHz FSB, up from 266 MHz. Ace's Hardware has a review of the new chip and takes a look at what kind of performance boost the Athlon receives from the faster FSB, both in terms of memory bandwidth and latency. The upcoming nForce 2 is tested as well, and the performance is impressive, if a bit unstable. The new Athlon has been benchmarked against a variety of chips with a number of applications and games, including 3D Studio Max, AutoCAD 2002, Comanche 4, Dungeon Siege, Warcraft III, and much more.

 (Submitted by Brian Neal Thu Oct 3, 2002 )


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