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 LinuxLinks.com: Zaurus Software Reviews

The Zaurus SL-5500 PDA represents a new frontier. Here Linux is not an afterthought shoehorned onto a windows product - the Zaurus is a PDA that comes configured with Linux out of the box. And it's a good fit, Linux works well on relatively low spec machines like PDAs. But it's the software that makes the machine. So LinuxLinks has started a series of reviews of commercial Linux software for the Zaurus:


The Zaurus comes preinstalled with a variety of applications - some of them good, some of them not so good. Software developers have been quick off the mark writing hundreds of programs dedicated to the Zaurus. With an increasing user base, companies have also been releasing commercial programs for the Zaurus. And it is these programs that are the focus of the reviews. We aim to address the problem of what to do with Zaurus after you've got it out the box. How does the 'freestuff' compare to those packages that you have to shell out your hard earned dollar for...

 (Submitted by Steve Emms Wed Sep 18, 2002 )


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