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 Installing Solaris

BigAdmin XPerts has an interesting grab bag of questions and answers (infrequently asked questions?) about installing Solaris.

"Q: Is the (first) CD necessary or can I use it as a table mat? ;)
A: You can use whichever one accomplishes the task. The Installation CD takes a while because it must copy a portion of itself over to the local disk, then reboot to that disk, to allow you to eject the CD and insert other ones. However, Solaris 8 02/02 now ships on DVD so that alleviates that particular limitation. In addition, 02/02 also allows jumpstart installs from the DVD, thereby negating the need for the "1of2" and "2of2" CDs, or any other extra CD such as the Language CD or Documentation CD. Until the base distribution grows larger than one DVD, this should make things easier."

 (Submitted by Noel Wed Jul 24, 2002 )


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