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 Volume Multi-Processor Systems: Part 3

Ace's Hardware has published Volume Multi-Processor Systems: Part 3, the third and final part of this series covering current and upcoming 2 to 8-way multi-processor servers. In this part, we take a look at upcoming multi-processor architectures and the CPUs they are based around. This includes the new king of SPEC CPU2000 at 0.18-micron, Intel's Itanium 2, introduced just yesterday. We also look at the upcoming AMD Opteron, with its backwards-compatible 64-bit x86 implementation, integrated memory interface, and glueless multi-processor scalability to 8 CPUs. And a little Jalapeno is also on the menu, courtesy of Sun.

There's an overview of where all the major CPU architectures and companies are at the moment and where they’re going, as well as some general observations of the MP market as a whole. Read on for details...

 (Submitted by Brian Neal Wed Jul 10, 2002 )


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