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 Encrypted Ethernet Bridge

A linux server is capable of functioning as an assortment of different network devices. For example, it can act as a router, a switch, or even a network bridge. In the latter case, two or more ethernet networks are linked, or bridged together logically and transparently to make one larger network. Learn more about bridges in this faq.

 (Submitted by Jeremy Andrews Sat Apr 27, 2002 )

  Torrey Hoffman recently posted information on a patch he's written to the ethernet bridge driver to allow encryption in an ethernet bridge. His driver patch is intended as a tool for further development. The example usage he describes is running multiple MPEG streams across the bridge, encrypting each with a different key to prevent the video from being copied when transferred across the network. Find more information on the project's home page. The patched ethernet bridge driver uses the AES (aka Rijndael) encryption algorithm. For Torrey's announcement email, read on.

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