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 Interview with Ted Ts'o

Linux Journal interviews Ted Ts'o.

"Don Marti and Richard Vernon recently had the rare opportunity of taking some time from Ted Ts'o's tight schedule to talk about his role with the Linux kernel, IBM and the Linux community. Ted seems to be everywhere in the Linux community--inside the kernel and out. He is currently a senior technical staff member of the Linux Base Technology Team for IBM's Linux Technology Center. He also chairs the Technical Board of Linux International, serves on the Board of Directors for the Free Standards Group, is a member of the Internet Engineering Task Force and serves on the Security Area Directorate of the IETF. Previously, he worked at MIT in Information Systems, where he was the development team leader for Kerberos. Through it all he's played a principal role in the development of the Linux kernel."

 (Submitted by Noel Fri Apr 19, 2002 )


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