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 More About Sorcerer

More news about Sorcerer.

"In the year 2001 Kyle Sallee began sharing his creation, sorcery. Sorcery was a program for precise control over compilation and installation of software available as source. Over a short period of time Kyle developed sorcery into Sorcerer, a GNU Linux distribution with useful features never before seen in other other distributions such as self healing. By the turn of 2002 Sorcerer had become popular. In January of 2002, the increased growth in the software catalog, deluge of contributed spells, constant change requests buried Kyle beneath a mountain of insurmountable work. Development of sorcery came to a halt while Kyle reviewed and corrected more than 300 contributed spells, over the course of two months."
(It has been reported that Socerer has a new home at http://www.sorcerylinux.org.- Noel).

 (Submitted by Noel Sat Mar 16, 2002 )


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