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 Using CUPS with Gimp-Print

Machine of the Month tells us how to use CUPS with Gimp-Print.

"Well, we'll be taking a look at using CUPS+Gimp-Print with the BJC6000 under Kword and Kspread, both which are part of Koffice from the KDE project and then we'll take a look at Lyx, a more "user-friendly" document processing system built on top of LaTex and, hence TeX itself. We'll also take a brief look at using Abiword with the CUPS system to see if we can produce printouts from it. We'll try and conclude whether or not tools like the ones mentioned in this introduction are good enough for someone to typeset general documents such as letters, resumes and the like without having to know anything about Linux in particular, no mark-up languages or anything. I'll try and comment on the quality of the output from the printer, as best I can."

 (Submitted by Noel Fri Mar 15, 2002 )


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