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 KernelTrap Interviews William Lee Irwin III

KernelTrap has posted an interview with kernel hacker William Lee Irwin III (aka "wli"). He is one of the developers helping to implement a reverse mapping feature into the Linux kernel.

 (Submitted by Anonymous Thu Mar 14, 2002 )

  From the interview, "For regular kernel hacking, rewrites aren't going to get anywhere, those who wrote the originals will scream bloody murder and those who have to call the stuff are terrified they'll have to deal with new bugs in unfamiliar code. But as a crutch for getting around not quite being able to read things it's fine. Maybe someone will come after me for saying so as there are bound to be frivolous rewrites of all kinds of things after any kind of public statement like this, but if people get off their butts and stop duplicating everyone else's merges of $VM + O(1) + misc garbage to write some actual new code, it's worth the flames."

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