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 GNU Radio: the open-source software defined Radio

Pretty cool stuff. Prices from Ettus don't look too bad. For Ham stuff that is.

"GNU Radio applications are mainly written in Python; however, the critical and low-level algorithms and signal processing modules are written using the C/C++ programming language, with wide usage of floating-point specific instructions for the relevant processor. Python is primarily used to setup the flow graph, after that most of the work is done in C/C++. GNU Radio is simple to use and a radio receiver can be created in a fast and straightforward manner; moreover, the development of a signal processing algorithm can be carried out using a pre-recorded or generated data set, thus allowing the development without the need for a real RF hardware. An example of minimal hardware required to work with GNU Radio is offered by the USRP, developed by Ettus Research LLC. "
GNU Radio: the open-source software defined Radio

 (Submitted by Noel Mon Apr 13, 2009 )


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