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 500Mbps over copper wiring

The article says that it takes 6 copper lines bound together. But it does not say if that is 6 pair or only 3 pair. I am pretty sure that this will not be coming to my house any time soon, but the underlining technology is definitely heading in the right direction.

"Telecom equipment maker Ericsson says the unthinkable is now the possible: 500Mbps transmission speeds over ordinary copper wiring. Looking at the details, though, it's not clear that the news will give Verizon any reason to rethink its hugely expensive fiber-to-the-home strategy... or that such speeds will be coming to a DSL line near you anytime soon."
New life for twisted-pair? 500Mbps over copper wiring

 (Submitted by Noel Wed Mar 18, 2009 )


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