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 Lithium battery breakthrough

Yes friends we now can have friggin laser guns mounted on sharks! Or even a fast charging battery for our electronic toys and tools. This is the sort of thing that gives me faith in our future (at least in the longer term). Great article on the new batteries from Ars. I liked that they did the math on how much power it would take to actually charge a battery that fast. Good job.

"The results are pretty astonishing. At low discharge rates, a cell prepared from this material discharges completely to its theoretical limit (~166mAh/g). As the authors put it, "Capacity retention of the material is superior." Running it through 50 charge/discharge cycles revealed no significant change in the total capacity of the battery."
Lithium breakthrough could charge batteries in 10 seconds

 (Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 16, 2009 )


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