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 Inside the Mac Mini

Some more information about the new Mac Mini. Sounds pretty nice. Not to worried about the soldered on processor. I like the video memory bump. Been one of my sticking points on the older ones. Video just not good enough in the old ones.

"First is the shiny new Core 2 Duo processor, which happens to be soldered to the logic board. This, of course, means you won't be able to do processor upgrades down the roadówe're not sure how much of a selling point this was in previous incarnations, but it is totally out of the picture now. Second is the fact that, if you put 2GB of RAM in a new mini, the video memory will bump up to 256MB. While still shared memory, it is better than the rather paltry 128MB alternative. Last, but certainly not least, is the fact that if you remove the optical drive, the mini can now fit a second hard drive. This is surely a point of interest for those of you using the mini for a server or HTPC; the potential for extra hard drive space may be the reason you will want to upgrade."
More Mac mini details: soldered processor, drive upgrades

 (Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 9, 2009 )


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