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 pkgwatch -- A Package Management Wrapper

Great idea for anyone who manages a wide range of machines.

"In the past I was trying many different linux distros. Each has its own package management systems: debian has apt, mandrake has urpmi, yellowdog has an apt front-end for rpm, suse has yast... While they all are quite similar and not difficult to use, I found that I often made mistakes because I often forgot which system I was using and the exact commands on that system. Another issue is that I wish I could keep track how I installed/removed those packages. So I wrote a simple wrapper for various package management systems. It serves two purposes:

1. to free me from remembering the exact commands for different systems
2. to help me keep track of what packages I installed

For example, when I need to install e.g. vim, I always say pkg-install vim, and the wrapper would invoke aptitude, apt-get or yum depending on the current system. "

pkgwatch -- A Package Management Wrapper

 (Submitted by Noel Fri Feb 20, 2009 )


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