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 Five Questions With Michael Widenius

What has gotten him back in the news is that he just left his job for Sun. For those that have not payed attention some time back Sun bought MySQL. Not sure Sun looses in this as he says that he is going to continue working on MySQL and start a community branch.

Our local Sun people are absolutely fantastic, and sometimes when I read things like this, the problems that other people may have had with Sun or working for Sun, it does not even seem like it could be the same company. (Thank you Susan and Jeff)

I really like MySQL so let me say thank you to Monty for writing it, and a thank you to all those who have contributed over the years.

"My friends call me Monty. I have some talents in writing working C code and know a little bit about databases. Some years ago (1994) I put these talents to some use and wrote the MySQL database on top of my old database project that I started in 1982. David Axmark (the second founder of MySQL) and I released it 'open source like' (this was before open source) in 1995 because we wanted do some good and we thought that 'at least we wouldn't get less business by doing this'. The end result did way exceed our expectations."
Five Questions With Michael Widenius

 (Submitted by Noel Wed Feb 11, 2009 )


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