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 ZFS: Transaction Groups & Disk Performance

"So, first things first. On a ZFS system never look at iostat alone. Always open 2 terminals side-by-side and in one terminal watch fsstat zfs 1 and in another watch iostat -xn 1 (or 10 seconds, whatever your happy with). By watching both of these you'll get a better idea of whats really going on, and I expect that you'll be impressed by what you see."

ZFS is really very cool. Lots of good stuff in there. In our environment it may not be that useful as most of the disk is already RAIDed on the SAN. But I will stick to my cool statement anyway.

Ben Rockwood has some great information on evaluating disk io for a zfs filesystem.

Paste the link into your browser to avoid some sort of anti-spam idea he has: http://www.cuddletech.com/blog/archives/archive_2009-m01.php

 (Submitted by Noel Mon Feb 9, 2009 )


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