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 Information about MySQL on Clusters

In a follow up to yesterdays interview link Sun's MySQL community blog asks Detlef Ulherr the following questions:

  • How is failure detection done?
  • How is promotion of a slave to the master done after failure detection?
  • How are other slaves failed to the new master?
"To answer the question for failure detection and automation, we have to differentiate between two scenarios. The first one is a normal cluster on one site, running MySQL databases amongst other applications. The second scenario consist of two clusters described in scenario one linked together with Sun Cluster Geographic Edition or its open derivates. The two clusters are dispersed between two sites. The main purpose for this scenario is disaster recovery, and the content of the MySQL database is replicated between the clusters using the classical MySQL replication."

 (Submitted by Noel Wed Feb 4, 2009 )


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