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 disabling snmpXdmid on Solaris 10 (dmi)

I still find the service manager stuff confusing.

"On a recent server build project we ran into a security scan that surprised us with a mandate that snmpXdmid be disabled. The alleged vulnerability is based on a buffer overflow that originated in the days of Solaris 8 as documented in CIAC Information Bulleting l-065 and SunSolve Security bulletin #00207. The details aren't important to this story other than finding it entertaining to respond to a Solaris 8 vulnerability on a Solaris 10 build. I'll save my thoughts on the corporate world's implementation of automated scanning for another post."
Solaris Jedi: Die Hard: disabling snmpXdmid on Solaris 10 (dmi)

 (Submitted by Noel Tue Mar 25, 2008 )


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