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 Name from PID with DTrace

By the time I go to use this it will probably be different but hey.

"The other day, there was an interesting post on the DTrace mailing list asking how to derive a process name from a pid. This really ought to be a built-in feature of D, but it isn't (at least not yet). I hacked up a solution to the user's problem by cribbing the algorithm from mdb's ::pid2proc function whose source code you can find here. The basic idea is that you need to look up the pid in pidhash to get a chain of struct pid that you need to walk until you find the pid in question. This in turn gives you an index into procdir which is an array of pointers to proc structures. To find out more about these structures, poke around the source code or mdb -k which is what I did."
Adam Leventhal's Weblog

 (Submitted by Noel Tue Mar 25, 2008 )


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