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 Holy smokes! A holey file!

I like ZFS. Lots of cools stuff. Even though if we upgraded to Solaris 10 at work we would probably not implement it. SANs take away a lot of the reasons for it, least that is how it looks to me.

"First, let's review a little bit about how ZFS works. By default, when ZFS writes anything, it generates a checksum which is recorded someplace else, presumably safe. Actually, the checksum is recorded at least twice, just to be doubly sure it is correct. And that record is also checksummed. Back to the story, the checksum is computed on a block, not for the whole file. This is an important distinction which will come into play later. If we perform a storage pool scrub, ZFS will find the broken file and report it to you (see above), which is a good thing -- much better than simply ignoring it, like many other file systems will do."
Holy smokes! A holey file! : Ramblings from Richard's Ranch

 (Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 24, 2008 )


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