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 A Nickel's Worth: Effective .emacs

Bunch of nice tips for using emacs.

"Your .emacs file shouldn't contain any calls to LOAD or REQUIRE (which are slow and often cause errors on startup). The only possible exceptions are loading files that contain nothing but autoloads (or similar stuff). How do you avoid loads and requires? First try removing each call to LOAD or REQUIRE to see if it's needed at all. Often (e.g., if you follow Tip #0) Emacs already has autoloads in place for the library already (e.g., "cc-mode"). For other libraries, where that's not true, put your own autoloads in your .emacs file. For example, rather than load slime in my .emacs (so I can bind the F1 key to SLIME-SELECTOR), instead I have: "
A Nickel's Worth: Effective .emacs

 (Submitted by Noel Tue Jan 8, 2008 )


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