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Lots of innovation going into Solaris.

"It is nice to hear that your file system does in fact "rule", but the problem with the above is that bonnie, dd, and tar are (obviously) not a comprehensive set of applications that can completely measure a file system. IOzone is quite nice but it only tests basic I/O patterns. And there are many other file system benchmarks (mkfile, fsstress, fsrandom, mongo, iometer, etc). The problem with all of these benchmarks is that they only measure a specific workload (or a small set of workloads). None of them actually let you measure what a real application does. Yes part of what Oracle does is random aligned reads/writes (which many of the pre-mentioned benchmarks can measure), but the key is how the random read/writes interact with each other *and* how they interact with the other parts of what Oracle does (the log writer as a major example). None of the pre-mentioned benchmarks can do that. Enter FileBench. "
Filebench: Eric Kustarz's Weblog

 (Submitted by Noel Tue Oct 30, 2007 )


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