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 7 reasons I switched back to PHP after 2 years on

"Rails was an amazing teacher. I loved it's do exactly as I say paint-by-numbers framework that taught me some great guidelines. I love Ruby for making me really understand OOP. God, Ruby is so beautiful. I love you, Ruby. But the main reason that any programmer learning any new language thinks the new language is SO much better than the old one is because he's a better programmer now! You look back at your old ugly PHP code, compared to your new beautiful Ruby code, and think, 'God that PHP is ugly!' But don't forget you wrote that PHP years ago and are unfairly discriminating against it now. It's not the language (entirely). It's you, dude. You're better now. Give yourself some credit. "
7 reasons I switched back to PHP after 2 years on Rails - O'Reilly Ruby

 (Submitted by Noel Thu Sep 27, 2007 )


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