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 Space Tyrant: A Linux game server and C project

The Game
Space Tyrant is a free telnet-based space strategy game that anyone with Internet access can play. The game features include:

  • player configurable starships
  • endless variations of economic, military, and political strategy
  • pure player-vs-player; there are no in-game monsters
  • an in-game radio with paging and secret channels
The game provides a universe and a set of physical laws where players can create their own strategies. If you're interested in playing or looking at the game, go to the game introduction page.

Space Tyrant is also an Open Source (GPL 2) C programming project compatible with any recent version of GCC. It consists of a single source file that is an example of:
  • a Linux / Unix daemon
  • a multithreaded game server
  • a network socket listener
  • a memory-resident daemon with an asynchronous dirty block backup thread
It includes:
  • a simple and understandable recursive sort
  • an example of function pointer arrays implementing a menu
  • a ring buffer message queue
Programmers interested in the C source code -- as well as anyone interested in hosting a game -- should go to the Space Tyrant source code page.

 (Submitted by Anonymous Mon Mar 26, 2007 )


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