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 Rands In Repose: Joe

Some great comments about outsourcing to other countries.

"Listen, if you're sitting in my office for an interview, I am assuming you've got technical chops. We wouldn't have let you in the door unless we could figure out from looking at your resume that you had the technical skills to do the job. Doesn't matter if you're a college hire or Mr. Lord of the Database. I'm not vetting you for technical ability, I'm vetting you for the breadth of your vision, I measuring your ambition, and I'm looking for a sign that you believe you can change the world. Really. If all you want to be is a cog in the machine, quietly hiding in the 27th floor of the Behemoth Corporation, Inc., well, that's great, but here's the deal: cogs get outsourced."
Rands In Repose: Joe

 (Submitted by Noel Fri Aug 25, 2006 )


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