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 Mac UI Ain't All That: The Future

Interesting set of videos of next generation interfaces and some well thought out commentary.

"Nevertheless, these videos might make Mac (and Windows) users experience a huge case of UI envy, as a lot of UI development (in XGL in particular) makes the current Mac UI seem creaky and old fashioned.
I've been collecting these links to cool new UIs for a while (yea, I know, what a geek). Despite its geekiness, I thought some of you might enjoy them as well. It seems there is a good chance that multi-gesture/multi-input (MGMI) UIs will be in our future at least on some level (apparently they will be accompanied by no dearth of techno music). "
The Devil's Advocate: Mac UI Ain't All That: The Future

 (Submitted by Noel Thu Aug 17, 2006 )


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